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Bajrangi Bhaijaan Hd 1080p Full Movie




Cast Production Development Director Ali Abbas Zafar wanted to make a serious drama based on the love story of a Pakistani and Indian, which would come out in a package with the context of the partition of India in 1947. It was Zafar's idea to film the story in Pakistan because a Pakistani actor could play the Indian role. Casting Zafar cast Saif Ali Khan in the lead after viewing his performance in Kick. As with other such films, Khan said that this role was the "most challenging role of his career" and made him feel "happy, exhausted, and challenged at the same time." Anushka Sharma was approached to play the Pakistani role, but turned it down because she did not feel she could do justice to the role. Zafar then cast her as a "passive character", because of her character's character in Khamoshi: The Musical. Khan, on the other hand, was given the lead in A Gentleman and was attracted to the character because of his "dynamism". The casting was announced by him on 21 December 2012. After his team saw Sharma on the sets of Khamoshi, they came to know that she was an ideal choice to play the Pakistani part. Her character in Khamoshi also gave her the chance to improvise because her character is seen as a "passive character". For her role, Sharma studied Urdu and dressed like a Pakistani. Filming The film began filming in late 2012. It was shot in Punjab and Rajasthan, and also features locations in the cities of Delhi and Mumbai. Sharma did not practice with a Pakistani accent, as she felt it was not necessary. For the lead, there were several Hindi slang expressions which Khan had to learn to use in his usual dialogue delivery style. In an interview, he revealed that one scene in which the two actors are seen discussing on two separate tables was real and not a technical trick, as the table on which they were seen was on a plane. He said that he wanted the audience to feel that they are in a plane flying in the air. When the plane landed, the two actors were seen on separate tables. Release The film had its theatrical release on 23 November 2014, across the country. It was shown in few IMAX theatres at the same time. The film's trailer was released on 13 October 2014. The film was given a wide release in China on 17 November 2014. Critical reception




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Bajrangi Bhaijaan Hd 1080p Full Movie

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